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Silhouette America Silhouette Portrait Digital Electronic Craft Cutter
Silhouette Portrait Digital Electronic Craft Cutter by Silhouette America for Scrapbooks, Cards, Home Decor, School Projects, Office Projects, Clothing, Crafting and more

Silhouette America Silhouette Portrait Digital Electronic Craft Cutter

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Silhouette Portrait Digital Electronic Craft Cutter by Silhouette America

for Scrapbooks, Cards, Home Decor, School Projects, Office Projects, Clothing, Crafting and more

The Silhouette Portrait is a smaller, lighter version of the Cameo electronic cutter. It functions exactly like the Cameo, but in an 8.5"x11" format, which is ideal for cardmakers and those not requiring a 12"x12" size. It will cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric and more. You can resize designs from 1/4" to 8" in width and up to 10ft long. Free Silhouette Studio software included that is Mac and PC compatible.

The Silhouette Portrait?.The Portrait is a smaller, lighter version of the popular SilhouetteCAMEO?.But, while it's smaller in size, the Portrait is feature-rich.

The Silhouette Portrait? has the same motor andcutting mechanism as the CAMEO, yet the entire unit weighs only 3.5pounds. ThePortrait can cut all the same types of materials that the CAMEO can(includingall Silhouette branded materials) and includes a cutting mat that willacceptLetter (8.5 in x 11 in) and A4 sized sheet goods. Like the CAMEO, theportraithas an optical scanner so it can be used with a home printer to createprint& cut projects. Of course, the Portrait also includes ourpowerfulSilhouette Studio? software?allowing users to create their own designsand cutthe fonts already installed on their computers.

Perhaps the most appealing feature of the newSilhouette Portrait? is the low cost. With an MSRP of just $199.99, thePortrait will appeal to customers who want a quality electronic cuttingtool atan amazing price. Both the Silhouette Portrait? and the SilhouetteCAMEO? will be offered concurrently. That way, you can choosebetween theextra features of the CAMEO (wider cutting surface, LCD display, SDcardcompatibility) or the lower price and portability of the Portrait.

The Silhouette SD can cut a variety of materials from vinyl, transferpaper, vellum, fabric, craft paper, cardstock and more. You can cutimages from .25" to 120". The maximum cutting area is 8" wide x 120";length. Visit the our Pinterestboard to see sample projects. Weighing in at only 3.5 poundsthe Portrait can be taken anywhere, including scrapbooking crops,shows, fairs, parties, job sites, etc.

There are no cartridges to buy ever! The Silhouette comes withSilhouette Studio software, which gives you access to thousands ofdigital cutting designs. Most of which are 99 cents.

The Silhouette Portrait has a registration mark reading sensorallowing you to print designs using a standard desktop printer and thencontour-cut those printed designs. It's perfect for cutting outstickers, t-shirt transfer sheets, scrapbooking and card embellishmentsand more.

The Silhouette Portrait machine ships with the following importantitems:
- Silhouette Portrait machine
- Software for Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/MAC including 50 ready to cutdigital designs
- Power cable, USB cable
- Media cutting mat
- Adjustable cutting blade
- $10 gift card to the Silhouette Download Store, which gives youaccess to thousands of die cuts, pen drawings, rhinestone templates andmore! Plus use promotion code FOTOBELLA to get 10% off an annualsubscription.
- 1 year warranty

For a limited time receive a 15% off coupon for Silhouette Supplieswith your shipment. Make sure to check your packing slip!

FotoBella is an authorized Silhouette reseller! Silhouette as a strictMinimum Advertised Price policy. As an authorized dealer we are notallowed to reduce our price or bundle other products with theSilhouette Portrait.

Silhouette Portrait Machine Frequently Asked Questions:


Can Idraw my own images with the Silhouette Portrait?

Withthe Silhouette Studio software you may draw your own images to cut. Thesoftware includes simple line drawing tools that will allow you tocreateshapes for cutting, printing or drawing within the Silhouette program.If youhave another drawing tool like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, you candraw inthose programs and export GSD or DXF files. The GSD and DXF files canthen beimported into Silhouette Studio and used to cut.

Youmay draw your ownimages with friendly drawing tools found within the software programs.

If you wish to use Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, or other major vectorimagingprograms with the Silhouette, you may consider upgrading the SilhouetteStudiosoftware to the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition ( version provides the ability to import SVG files directly whichyou mayhave created in another vector imaging program, such as AdobeIllustrator orCorelDraw. Further information on this feature may be found at

Whatfile types can the Silhouette Portrait cut?

TheSilhouette Studio software included with the Silhouette can cutSilhouetteDigital Download files, true type fonts loaded on your computer, STUDIOfiles,and GSD/GST, DXF files. The software can additionally import a varietyof othercommon image file types (such as JPG and BMP files) and then trace theimageusing an auto-trace function to create cut lines. Please note, however,thatSilhouette does not guarantee the quality of results of images notcreated bythem. You may also draw your own images with friendly drawing toolsfoundwithin the software programs.

Willthe Silhouette Portrait cut SVG files?

Thesoftware that is included with the Silhouette does not allow you to cutSVGfiles (although it does allow you to import and cut GSD and DXF files).Thatsaid, there is third party software that allows you to cut SVG fileswith yourSilhouette. Both Make-the-Cut and Sure Cuts A Lot allow you to cut SVGfileswith your Silhouette.

TheSilhouette Studioprogram included with the Silhouette does not cut SVG files. However, youmay upgrade to the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (,which will allow you to open and cut SVG files.

How canI cut thicker cardstock with the Silhouette Portrait?

TheSilhouette Portraitincludes a ratchet blade with 10 blade settings.  We wouldrecommendfollowing the recommended settings for your blade as outlined in theSilhouetteStudio software to obtain optimal results.  If you wish toincrease theblade exposure for thicker material types, you may opt to raise theblade?sratchet level to a higher setting, or use the "double cut"option.  Doingthis will have the Silhouette cut your image twice, thus ensuring anyproblemareas are given an extra pass during the cut job.  TheSilhouette Portrait isable to cut a range of materials from thin films (such as vinyl) up toathicker cardstock, such as a 90lb weight cardstock

If cutting on thicker textured cardstock, you may also opt to flip thepaperover and cut on the non-textured side. Doing this may not require asmuchthickness force and give you a better cut when using textured papers.However,if you are cutting on the non-textured side with this method, you maywish toselect your image prior to cutting and right-click to select the Mirroroption.Doing a "Horizontal Mirror" will flip your image and make sure that itisusable from the textured side. If you find for any reason there areareas notgiving a clean cut, you may also wish to select the "Double Cut"option. Doing this will have the Silhouette cut your image twice, thusensuringany problem areas are given an extra pass during the cut job.

Howlong should a Silhouette mat typically last?

Thecutting mat for the Silhouette should last for over 100 full 8 « x 12sheets worth of cuts (if you were to cut the same exact jobrepetitiously inthe exact same area). We are unable to provide an exact time-frame forhow longthe mat should last as this will depend on the types of materials beingused.We do recommend keeping your mat well covered when not in use toprevent dustor other particles from collecting on the adhesive surface. This shouldhelpthe mat retain its adhesive quality. Also, please note that selectmaterialsthat are more lint-based or fibrous in nature may wear down theadhesivequality faster and degrade the mat. The mat should not need to bereplacedunless papers or other materials you are looking to cut are not heldfirmly inplace during the cutting process.

Can theSilhouette cut fabric?

Youmay cut select fabrics (depending on their thickness of course) withthenew fabric interfacing. This product is ironed on to your fabric andthen thefabric with the interfacing is placed onto a cutting mat with theinterfacing side down (fabric side facing up). You would then adjustyour blade depth and cutat a speed of 3 ? 5 and cut at a thickness of 25 ? 30. Depending on thefabric,you may want to double cut your design. One you have cut your design intheSilhouette, you would then take scissors or a craft knife to quicklytrim anythreads which may be connecting your cutout design to the rest of thefabric.
The new fabric interfacing is offered in two varieties: Clean Cut andSewable.Silhouette Clean Cut Interfacing has a thicker adhesive that irons onto fabricallowing you to cleanly cut designs in your Silhouette. SilhouetteSewableInterfacing has a thinner adhesive that irons on to fabric allowing youto sewyour cut-out design.

Can theSilhouette cut chipboard?

TheSilhouette cannot currently cut chipboard.

Can theSilhouette Portrait cut without being connected to a computer?

TheSilhouette Portrait can not cut without being connected to a computer. TheSilhouetteCameo does have the capability to cut without being hookedup toa computer. You may save images in a cut file format to an SD card onyourcomputer (requires an SD reader on your computer) and then insert theSD cardinto the Silhouette Cameo machine. You may then use the machine's LCDscreen toscroll through the file names you have saved and cut your pre-createdimages. Apower outlet would be required for the Silhouette Cameo, but nocomputerconnection would be required to cut directly from the machine once youhaveyour files saved on your SD card.

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