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Stamperia Transfer Gel 100 ml
Stamperia Transfer Gel 100 ml for Scrapbooks, Cards, & Crafting

Stamperia Transfer Gel 100 ml

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Stamperia Transfer Gel 100 ml

for Scrapbooks, Cards, & Crafting

Water based product that allows to transfer any printed subject in paper. Particularly effective with the special transfer papers, it can be used to transfer classic decoupage paper and rice paper. The rice paper napkin is not transferable because it is too light.

It is possible to transfer images of newspapers and periodicals, drawings made by hand and printed by computer, but it is strongly recommended to first make a photocopy with laser printer on white paper 80 g / m² to avoid problems caused by the chemicals in the various types of paper.

The technique can be applied on any type of surface, either glossy or opaque, preferably with a light background. For a good result it is important to distribute a good quantity of product, wait for the time necessary to allow the gel to absorb the print and be very delicate in removing the excess dampened paper.

Instructions for Use:
- cut out leaving a maximum of one millimeter of paper all around the subject
- apply a uniform coat of product to the printed part of the paper
- make the image adhere to the surface to be decorated and wait for it to dry
- wait at least half an hour before wetting the back of the applied paper with water, using a brush - with slight movements rubbing with the fingertips or with a brush to remove the white paper leaving only the transferred image on the surface.
- if you use the technique in conjunction with découpage or painting, protect the work with normal glossy or opaque finish.

Instructions for use on glass or plexiglass:
- degrease the glass - distribute the product well on the printed part of the paper
- fasten the print to the glass quickly, pressing from the center outwards to allow the product to adhere
- wipe the excess of leaked gel with a damp cloth to avoid streaks on the glass
- wait for at least an hour to allow the gel to adhere to the glass then proceed gently to remove the white paper core by moistening it with water without scratching
- protect the print with Matte or Spray Gloss finish.

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